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The Baron Blog
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Where to Find Us
Where to Find Us

In this exclusive book excerpt, AJL contributor Mark Pinsky deconstructs the religiosity of the Simpsons clan. Is Mr. Burns the devil? Is Bart a saint? And what, exactly, does Homer represent? >>more
Updated for Week of July 22 - July 28
Joshua Bell & Co.
A look at a classical violinist with a pitch-perfect name, Ms. Winehouse, Mr. Y Love, Heedhoosh, Mickey Avalon, & the artist formerly known as 50 Shekel. >>more
Shalom, Snoop
American Idol. The Killers. Conan O’Brien. Things an American college student enjoys? Sure, but so do his counterparts in the holy land. It’s a small world, after all. >>more
The Yada Blog
Zach Braff, you have wounded Mandy Moore, and she's singing about it, and we're ashamed. How could you? Plus Rachel Weisz has lovely bones? >>more
Rachel's Rants
Rachel's maid wished her a "Happy Weekend," which somehow made it like Christmas. We think? Anyways, she'd like to wish you one as well. "Happy Weekend!" >>more
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